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Below are the MOST COMMON QUESTIONS WE RECEIVE from our wonderful customers. If we do not answer your question below you can either contact us directly and ask us your question. We think we have tackled pretty much any question you may have, but if not, reach out to us. We love hearing from our customers!

We promise to respond to every question as fast as we can. You can contact us via email, by web form or by calling our team directly! We are here for you fellow Americans!

Many questions also include links to other pages where you can get even more information related to that topic. That way, you can get a quick answer to your question and then be linked to a more detailed response to give you a fuller answer.

Learn more about our FREE SHIPPING ON ANY ORDER OF $99 OR MORE.

You asked for it and you got it! That's right. Every single contact lens order of $99 ore more gets FREE SHIPPING to any city or region in U.S. At we have a completely different mission. We are here to serve you (the customer) and our planet (via our donations to non-profits). That is why we offer free shipping, the lower prices on all products and a 100% product replacement guarantee too. You come first with us.

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Learn more about how is one of the few authorized sellers of contact lenses in the United States. Did you know that more than half of the contact lens sites in the U.S. are NOT AUTHORIZED OR OFFICIALLY ASSOCIATED with the manufacturers? Amazing isn't?

These sites are called "grey market sellers" and who knows where they get their contact lenses. From overseas? Off-market rejects? Expired or near-expired contact lenses? Who knows? We certainly don't know what they are doing, but we are not that type of contact lens company.

There are legitimate concerns in terms of the reliability, quality and expiration dates on such products. It matters much more than you realize. "Grey Market" sellers are everywhere and we are recommend you always stick to buying from sites like us here at

So how do you know a company is not authorized? Well, if their website doesn't say it, then they probably are NOT! Another way to spot the "grey market sellers" is to see if they carry all products from the main four manufacturers: Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson), Alcon (Air Optix, Dailies, Precision 1, Freshlook, etc.), CooperVision (Biofinity among many others) and Bausch + Lomb (Ultra, Biotrue among others). If they don't carry it all, then they are probably getting their supply from non-authorized sources. For this reason, the manufacturers don't trust them and either do we.

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Tracking your order is simple and easy with Simply to go to the My Account button at the top of every page and you will be directed to your My Account Dashboard. To go directly to order tracking, simply click the Orders link and you will see all of your orders.

We do strongly suggest that everyone CREATE AN ACCOUNT when buying contact lenses with us. Without an email login, you will have to CONTACT US in order to inquire about your order.

If you have questions regarding our shipping times and other important shipping details, please visit our SHIPPING PAGE and learn much about how we operate and why we are so awesome!

Sorry but you cannot order contact lenses in the U.S. without a valid contact lens prescription. In fact, when you order with us, and all other credible contact lens websites in the United States, you are required to submit your contact lens prescription by either a form download, email or some other form. That way we can verify your contact lens order with your eye care professional.

You can either get a full eye exam and ask for a contact lens fitting at that time, but many optometrists will even do a contact lens fitting seperately if you are their eye care patient. What that means is that you will have them give you some trial lenses so that you can try them out and see what works. After a few weeks of trying out lenses, you should have a pretty good idea of what you will need and then, at that time, you can get your written contact lens prescription. Then you can come to and order your contacts from us! 🙂

Owner and CEO Paul W. Slusher To learn more about all the aspects of buying contact lenses online, CLICK HERE to hear our CEO, Paul W. Slusher, discuss all the various things you should know about buying contact lenses.

Also, remember that when you open a contact lens box, you cannot return it, and so buying anything you are not sure of or that is NOT your contact lens prescription can be a big waste of money.

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Learn more about the great way we provide contact lens order protection with our 100% Order Replacement Guarantee!

Yes, has the very best protection for your contact lens order in the United States. How does it work? We simply charge a small fee to every order to ensure that everyone has a 100% Product Order Replacement option if needed. That means your order is always protected against damage, loss, theft, etc. This is arguably the best return and product replacement program in the U.S.. We will replace any order if it is lost, stolen, damaged or defective. We even pay for you to return the product to us if it is unopened and undamaged. Our customer service team is the best in the business and we treat you like you are family.

One day we hope to remove the fee completely, for as we grow, we try very hard to give you the best price, the best service and the best protection. However, since we are still a growing company, we can only provide a 100% replacement service by adding the fee to every order. Keep ordering with us and someday you will see that fee get smaller and smaller until it goes away completely!

Downloading your invoice is so easy if you created an account with us when you ordered. Just go to MY ACCOUNT and then when on that page, click ORDERS. On your ORDERS page, you will see all of your orders. When you click INVOICE on any order, your computer (or phone) will automatically download your invoice into a PDF document format. Then you can send that invoice to your supplemental insurance company for a reimbursement.

If you DID NOT create an account, you will have to either check your email for the invoice what was sent to you when you ordered, or CONTACT US to get a copy of your invoice. We are happy to send it to you if you can't find it or need another copy.

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Learn more about how we offer 'no questions asked' returns for up to a full year!

We know that sometimes you order the wrong product by accident, or perhaps you have some boxes you never opened and want to use a different contact lens product. For this reason, we offer one of the best return policies in the United States.

We provide a 100% return (via a refund back to your credit card) for any product returned to us that is undamaged and unopened. We believe in giving you the best customer service possible and this is yet another way we can do that. We don't ask any questions, we just serve you to the very best of our ability!

contact lenses for less online canada

To learn more about how to avoid torn contacts and/or to know if your contacts may be defective, please click here.

Defects in contact lenses are very, very rare. Less than 0.001% of contact lenses will have a "manufacturer defect" associated with them. That is less than one lens in 100,000 contact lenses. So the chances your lenses are defective is almost zero.

However, what is more common is the possibility that handling a contact lens can either tear or damage a lens. This happens often when you are not used to handling lenses or do so incorrectly. Click the link above to learn all about defects, tears and how to properly handle your contact lenses.

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We are always here to help you place your order, whether it is showing how to do it yourself or perhaps even placing the order for you over the phone. If you would like a short tour of how to select your contact lenses from the product page, please click here and learn about that process.

If you need to contact us about placing your order, you can contact us via email, webform or by phone. When you call us between 9am - 5pm Pacific Standard time (West Coast Time) at 1-866-925-8327, you can talk to us directly and get your questions answered. We can even place your order for you over the phone if you prefer.

Winner Want to win $1,000 in free contact lenses? Click here to enter our special contest and remember, there is no purchase required to enter. One email per ballot and a winner is selected twice a year, every January and July of each year!

This contest is super popular and so before you enter, make sure to visit our contest page and learn all the details. There are some restrictions to this contest. Enter today and good luck to everyone here in the U.S.!

Save The Planet

To Learn more about how we donate 51% of all net profits to help our planet, click here. has a two-part mission. First, to provide you with contact lenses online at the best price, with the best service possible. But in addition to that, we also have a GLOBAL MISSION. donates 51% of all net profits to the charity or non-profit that YOU CHOOSE. No other company in the U.S. or Canada does this, period. So, when you buy from us, know that you are saving money and saving the planet at the same time.

contacts for less customer testimonials

Learn more about our shipping times and how we provide free shipping on every order of $99 or more!

Please know that we do everything we possibly can to get your products to you as soon as possible. If you are ordering a toric (for astigmatism) or a speciality contact lens (like a multifocal or XR lens), it can take longer simply due to the fact that these lenses are not stocked in inventory. Why? Because they are specially made to order most of the time, meaning that due to the literally thousands of combinations of prescription possibilities, these lenses are specially ordered directly from the manufacturer and then overnight shipped to our facility every single day. Then we send them out to you as soon as we get them.

special contact lenses online Canada

To learn more about ordering specialty contact lenses online, like Proclear XR or Biofinity XR contacts, please click here.

There are some lenses that will take several weeks to be sent to you. These lenses are what are known as "specialty" or "custom" contact lenses for folks with more extreme visual requirements. These are often referred to as XR lenses, and in one case, even one multfocal toric contact lens.

Why do they take so long to be created and sent to me? These lenses are being created very specially for YOU, meaning that they don't have these lenses in stock anywhere. Once you order them, the prescription parameters and product information is sent to the manufacturer, who gets to work as fast as possible to create those lenses. This is also why those lenses have a tendancy to be a bit more expensive too. That isn't something we do, but something the manufacturer does. Coopervision, the only manafacturer who produces these "custom" lenses, charges us quite a bit more for them, so we are sorry about the high price, but it isn't up to us.

The usual wait for such lenses can vary from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, depending on the product, the parameters and the time of the year. For example during the holiday (December) season, the delays are a bit longer due to heavy ordering traffic.

To see all of our custom contact lenses, please click here.

Contact lens pricing is like any other product in our society. They are subject to price changes due to (a) the economy, (b) supply and demand and (c) the time of the year the product is ordered.

At, we try to keep our prices as low as possible but when the manufacturer and/or the shipping companies or the U.S. Postal Service raise their prices, sadly we often have no choice to raise our prices to make sure we stay strong as a company.

However, please know that the manufacturers often decide what the "base" price of any contact lens price is, and we simply add the minimum we need to in order to make sure we can operate as a company.

Trust us, unlike the other online contact lens sellers in Canada, we are NOT GETTING RICH. In fact it is our mission to give you both the best prices in Canada and help save the planet at the same time. Since we donate 51% of all net profits to help save the planet, it makes our work even harder, but we do it because it is why we even exist!

To learn more about how (and to whom) we donate our net profits, please click here.

Did we answer your contact lens question? If not, see below:

Still have a question that didn’t get addressed above? Don’t worry, just Contact Us! We will respond to you as fast as possible with an answer! Thank you for being our customer and thank you for helping us be a different type of contact lens company here in beautiful Canada!

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