Q. Is shipping really free?

A. You are correct! We now offer totally FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the United States? Does that cost us money on our end? You bet it does, sometimes a lot. But we do it for you. We do it because we care about our customers here in the U.S. and want to save you more money. No other company offers such a sweet deal (when you combine that with our coupons and sales). No one. Go and check and then come on back and order your contact lenses online with us. Contacts for less is both our name and our mission.


A. Every order is backed by the best guarantee in the United States automatically as part of our HANDLING & REPLACEMENT FEE. That means if your order is missing, damaged or defective, we will replace that order right away. Click here to learn more about how this amazing guarantee is the best around and will make you feel 100% sure we are the #1 best site to buy contact lenses online in the U.S.! Therefore, when you buy from us, your order is always guaranteed in ways other simply do not.

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Q. Can I ship outside of the United States?

A. We ship nationwide to anywhere in the United States. If you wish to ship to Canada specifically, you can visit our website CONTACTSFORLESS.CA and place your order there. You can also go to the TOP OF OUR WEBSITE and click the toggle that allows you to easily switch between the United States and our brotherly neighbor to the north.

Contactsforless is a North American company serving both the U.S. and the rest of North America, but we do NOT ship or service customers in other parts of the world. We think it is a big enough task to handle the 400 million or so people here in the U.S. and North America.

For this reason, we are 100% dedicated to improving our services and the quality of our website every single day.

Q. Does Contacts For Less USA really have FREE SHIPPING?

A. Yes we have FREE SHIPPING ON EVERY SINGLE ORDER IN THE U.S. Unlike all of the other contact lens websites in the USA, we do more, care more, appreciate you more. We don’t make you spend a minimum to get free shipping. Just spend the minimum $55 you need to order, you always get free shipping, every single time.

But if you need your contacts fast, we offer 4 other options to ensure you get your lenses much faster. Depending on the speed, we send all products with either the United States Postal Service (USPS) or the United Parcel Service (UPS). Either way, we do better than the other sites because you, as our customer, mean the world to us.

Q. Is there a minimum to order and get that free shipping?

A. Yes, we have a tiny minimum of $55 worth of products (not including the shipping cost) to ship.

The reason we have to set a minimum price is because we offer FREE SHIPPING and that isn’t cheap. In fact it can cost quite a bit, even on a small order. So the minimum order makes sure we don’t lose too much money on those small orders. As you probably know, if we don’t make any money, we can’t donate any money to saving the planet. You get it.

Free shipping for contact lens in Canada


A. Yes we can require a signature for your delivery. Please do request it if you do not have safe options for your mail drop off. You can request any of the following options for your delivery in the Customer Note at checkout and we should be able to make it happen. Please also know that UPS has less options than the USPS, so if you prefer one over the other, please include that in your order notes.


Signature request: The courier will require that you (or someone at your shipping address) sign when accepting the package.

Card for pickup: The courier will drop a Delivery Notice Card off at your shipping address, and you then pick it up at the post office

Deliver to chosen post office: Your package will be delivered straight to the post office that you designate. Please provide your shipping address and the address of the post office you’ve chosen.

Do not safe drop: A delivery attempt will be made and if no one is available to receive the item, a Delivery Card will be left. If you choose this option, we will not ‘safe drop’ your product(s). To be clear, safe dropping is when the package is left in a safe place and is sheltered from weather and cannot be seen by passers-by.

Note that we will only apply these optional delivery features if requested, as our customers’ preferences differ.


A. We strongly suggest that you request a signature required and/ or have the package delivered to the nearest post office if you don’t have a safe mail box or mail facility.

Please do note that Contacts For Less is not responsible for inadequate mail delivery options and is not liable for packages lost or stolen after delivery. If a package is stolen after delivery* due to the customer not having a safe and secure mail box or mail facility, ContactsForLess will not replace the shipment or refund the payment.


A. You will receive an email the same day we ship your product. This email will contain your tracking and other important information. You’ll then be able to check on the status of your package and see the estimated date when it will arrive. Please check your Junk folder as well.

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