Get Lower Prices on Your Online Contact Lens Order

Other contact lens websites in the U.S. may offer you alot but deliver very little. At Contacts For Less, we offer lower prices and free shipping on every order. On top of that, when you are connected to us through our newsletter, we give out coupons for contact lens purchases like candy!

You see, there is a reason that many say we are the BEST PLACE TO BUY CONTACT LENSES ONLINE. We agree. See below for our current coupon code. Use it and save more today and thank you so much for being our customer, and it is our pleasure to serve you.

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Other Sites Just Want To Make Profits is very different company, PERIOD!

So if you didn’t know already, it may be time to dig a bit deeper. What makes different than the other online contact lens seller?

FIRST, we are the ONLY site that donates 51% of all net profits to the charity or non-profit that you choose. Others may “give a portion” but this can amount to less than 1% of their actual profits. Put simply, its all talk with the others.

Imagine if a company as large as Walmart gave 51% of its net profits (which is n the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR)?? It could change the world.

SECOND, we give you many ways to save. Coupon codes, sales, special offers, newsletter-only offers and free shipping on any order $99 or more. Put simply, we do more for you when you shop for contact lenses.


Not only are we providing lower prices but we are also giving back 51% of our profits to charities and nonprofits. That means that you are saving money and helping other people at the same time. We know that we can go beyond expectations for both the quality of our products and our customer service. Once you try, you will never use another website to buy contact lenses in Canada.

DETAILS OF HOW WE TRY TO SAVE YOU THE MOST MONEY attempts in every way to have the lowest price on any product we sell when compared to any legitimate, authorized online contact lens seller in the United States. What is an “authorized online contact lens seller”? There are a small number of authorized sites in Canada, and you can tell because they sell pretty much everything. This means they buy their products from the manufacturers properly and are authorized by the manufacturers to sell their products online (ensuring the best quality and care involved). This means they are NOT grey-market resellers, getting their contact lenses from who knows where.

Well, there are a few “bottom dwellers” contact lens sellers that don’t sell all available products and are rumored to secure their products either from underground sources, local optical centers with overstock, or from untrusted foreign distributors (China, Vietnam, Philippines, India, etc.). These websites could be selling rejects, returned products or expired products and therefore these sites are NOT AUTHORIZED SELLERS OF CONTACT LENSES.

Who knows where they get their products, but what we do know is that we don’t trust them, nor do the manufacturers. We will still beat their prices when you contact us, but we don’t lower our prices on our website to try to compete with these untrusted, “unauthorized” sites. We wouldn’t buy from them and we don’t recommend that you do either.

We recommend all customers buy only from authorized sellers of Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue, Alcon (Air Optix, Dailies, Freshlook, Precision 1), Coopervision (various brands), and Bausch + Lomb (Ultra, Biotrue, etc.). This way you know you are getting the real thing, from a legitimate website. is an authorized seller for all those manufacturers and will provide you with high-quality and low prices.

If you have any questions regarding our promise to try to give you the lowest prices or if you want to learn more about our products, you can always contact our team. Before buying on our website, you should talk to your local optometrist to have your exact prescription. If you need help to find the perfect contact lenses for your needs, we are also here for you. Call us or send us an email today!

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