Americans! Save on contact lenses and save the planet too!

When Paul W. Slusher and Dr. Sureen Bachra (a husband and wife team) decided to launch Contacts For Less, we didn’t just want to sell contact lenses online and make money. That simply wasn’t good enough of an idea to make us launch our awesome contact lens company. So, when formulating this company, Paul and Sureen decided that Contacts For Less needed to STAND FOR SOMETHING IMPORTANT. That is when the very idea of donating MORE MONEY than we make IN PROFITS was born.

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Fastest growing online contact lens company in the U.S.

While the “other guys” sell you contact lenses (some authorized to officially sell to you, some are not), their aim is to millions of dollars in profit. That is why they exist and without, they can’t get rich. However with our mission is different.

Yes, we will make a profit like any other company. But with, we donate 51% of all NET PROFITS to the charity or non-profit you choose. YOU CHOOSE. Did you catch that? This entire company is about YOU and how you can work with us to help feed hungry children, save our environment, prevent suicide, send aid to regions that need it, stop sex trafficking, support human rights, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights…and so much more.

When you buy with us, you send a message

Today, our humble company, 100% family-owned and operated by a couple of super cool people who truly care, is now a major entity in the contact lens market. In fact, we are told by “insiders” that the “Big Corporate Giants” (sometimes owned by foreign companies and/or private owners) are rather nervous about us.

It is interesting to consider. How can these massive, million dollar corporations compete with a company that donates 51% of all net profits? The certainly can’t compete by giving nothing (like almost all of them do), nor can they compete by donating a tiny fraction of their profits, which only one or two do. In fact when they focus exclusively on making money off of you, they are sending a message too about who they are. To them, clearly money is more important than the planet. However we think differently. Very, very differently.

Our challenge: Grow as a company and still donate 51%

Is it easy to do what we are doing? Of course not. It would have been so much easier to just try to MAKE PROFITS like the other companies. But then, what would be the point? There is much more to life than simply getting rich, right? We think most Americans would agree, and that is why we are the fastest growing online contact lens company in the U.S.

You see, we believe that most Americans will love us when they know what we are doing here at Contacts For Less. No other contact lens site in the U.S. is giving away over half of all net profits to help our planet and important charities.

The United States is a unique and amazing nation, where place and we believe that our idea needed to be born and started here. Of course, we won’t stop here. We have great plans for expanding what Contacts For Less is all about. Be a part of our amazing journey and order your contact lenses online with us today. That is all it takes for you to help us do our amazing work.

Our owners are a real family, caring about real family concerns!

Paul W. Slusher, Founder and CEO, and his amazing family consisting of Dr. Bachra (co-owner) and their amazing daughter Amira, are a real family. No, we are not some huge, faceless corporation. We are run by a family that is dedicated to the cause of SAVING YOU MONEY and SAVING THE PLANET at the same time.

Paul Slusher and Dr. Sureen Bachra

When you buy contacts online with us, you empower change!

As we have said above, our founders and our entire amazing team of dedicated staff member are dedicated to doing the following:

It’s pretty simple. We appreciate your support and your interest in our amazing company. We are not shy about calling ourselves amazing. 90% of the staff are women and many are first generation immigrants to North America who truly care about living in a better world. We support our staff as if they were family and they in turn support us. They do so because they believe in the same values we do. Ethical conduct, give back more than you take and leave the planet in a better place than how you entered it.

To learn more about who we donate our funds to, please visit our Non Profit Page.

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